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Lumber Yard Handler / Customer Service Clerk

Cancel your gym membership and prepare to get ripped. This outside job is unapologetically tough. You'll be walking and lifting a ton as you help supply the ingredients of the American Dream to homebuilders.


You'll be sore at first and you'll probably get some splinters and wood sap on your hands. But as you learn and get the hang of things, you'll be stronger and wiser. Giant 6x6 timbers will begin to feel like toothpicks as you throw them in the back of pickup trucks. (Ok, not really, but you will be stronger.)

This is a real lumberyard where we do real and important work for our customers. We do it well and we do it professionally. There is much to learn about lumber, hardware, and building and if you're up for the work, we'll teach you the trade. Sound like a good opportunity?

That's because it is.

We're a family owned, small, single location business and we welcome your interest. We do relationships, camaraderie, fun, and whatever it takes. Want in?


And for you traditional folks, here's the traditional verbiage:


Lumber Yard Material Handler / Customer Service Clerk
We are seeking driven individuals to be a part of our customer service team. Responsible for providing excellent customer service while escorting customers in the lumberyard and safely and accurately filling their materials orders. Manually load lumber and other materials into or onto vehicles, trucks, lumber racks, and/or trailers. Handle lumber, plywood, and other building materials as needed to place material in stock and straighten stock. May accompany truck drivers on deliveries to assist with off-loading of material at jobsite. May drive small truck to local suppliers or customers' job sites (commercial driver's license not required) Basic woodworking skills required for operation of radial arm saw, cut-off saw, and tailing-off for a table saw operator. Work 8-1/2 or more hours per day, usually five days per week. Work outside and stand or walk most of the time.


Required: valid and current driver's license and clean driving record

Required: Solid math skills

Required: Ability to communicate with customers effectively.

Required: Ability to lift 100 lbs.


Economy Lumber has been family owned and operated since 1936. This position is full-time and includes eligibility for benefits including medical and dental insurance, paid time off, holiday pay, and a 401k plan. If you meet our requirements and would like to apply, please pick up application at 720 Camden Ave, Campbell, CA M-F 7:30- 5:00

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